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It's very simple. We provide orphans and at risk kids of the Honduras community FREE music instruction! 

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Contributions go towards

  • Teaching materials
  • Hired Staff from the Honduras community
  • Instruments
  • Music Camps
  • Food (provided during music camps and weekend training.)
  • Campus maintenance
  • We are an organization  based in the community, for easy access to everyone.
  • We also teach inside local  orphanages
  • 100% funded by your donations
  • No government assistance

How does music help kids?


Improves Coordination
Playing an instrument requires the brain to work at advanced speeds. Reading music is converted in the brain to the physical motion of playing the instrument. Those who play instruments have improved hand eye coordination over those who do not.

Improves Math Skills

Playing an instrument may seem like a creative act, but there are many parallels to math. Music and math are highly intertwined. By understanding beat, rhythm and scales, children are learning how to divide, create fractions and recognize patterns. 

Improves Reading and Comprehension Skills

Learning and playing music requires constant reading and understanding. Children and teens need to identify a note on the page and recognize which note (pitch) to play on their instrument, how long to hold it, what finger to use and how loudly to play it. They also need to identify if the note should be played short and crisp, or smooth and connected to the next note. Learning to read and comprehend music can even help in reading and understanding literature in school classes.

Creates Responsibility

Most instruments require some kind of maintenance. This can be anything from oiling to tuning to cleaning. Encouraging children to stay on top of regular instrument maintenance creates a level of responsibility for them. When they are responsible for something they are more likely to take care of it themselves without an adult having to remind them.



A young population faced with many problems

Honduras is characterised by a rapidly growing and noticeably young population: at present, nearly 40 percent of Hondurans are under the age of 15.

More than half the people live below the national poverty line; approximately 43 percent suffer conditions of extreme poverty. Malnutrition, poor housing infrastructure and infant diseases are widespread causing serious problems.

Power talk

Young Honduran musician student talks about how the program has helped kids! He has witnessed the strength of music. Take a listen!

150,000 children are orphans


Approximately 150,000 children in the country are orphans as a result of political and economic instability.

Maras (gangs) often serve as a substitute family to children whose families have either fallen apart or have failed to provide love, respect and positive adult role models.

Child labor has also become a serious problem in Central American. According to the International Labor Organisation (ILO), around 10 percent of all children between the ages of 5 and 14 are involved in child labor activities. Most of these children do not attend school and consequently do not receive basic education.

Kids reaction to new drums

4 new drums purchased through your donations!

click & watch how amazed they were!

About Us



 Michael was found living alone at a very young age of 12. Michael worked different jobs so he can feed himself and rent a room to sleep in. He is now in school and is #1 in his entire class. He is very studious and says “one day I will have my own business.” He is a very happy boy!



 Camilo is 16 year old and lives in the Senderos De Amor orphanage. He will soon age out. Most of these children have no where to go or no one to turn to once they age out. He is a very determined teen. “Some day I want to help the poor children” he says. He’s kind hearted with some health issues that won’t hold him back.



 Carlitos was left to his grandmother to raise. After she no longer could, Carlitos was given up to the orphanage. He is very funny, loves to laugh! He likes to be busy. He plays the cymbals and loves coming to rehearsal. It’s what he looks forward to every weekend. 

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 An even bigger problem is the growing number of children who experience sexual exploitation. In the streets of Tegucigalpa, the country's capital, and in the city of Comayagüela, about 2,400 children are forced into prostitution. Although girls are especially at risk, the number of boys who experience sexual exploitation is on the rise. 

80% do not have access to...



Bad infrastructure is especially manifest in rural areas. Around 80 per cent of all Hondurans living in such areas do not have access to clean water and sanitation.



one in six Hondurans over the age of 15 cannot read and write.

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